Reducing the fat

Burn X5

Burn X5 is one of the best known fat burning products on the market today. It is a highly regarded product which is fairly strong and has a good fat burning effect. However, it is mediocre in two important areas – increased performance and stimulation of the metabolism. The aforementioned factors are quite important. The increased performance allows for more activity, i.e. longer workouts. Metabolism is the body’s natural fat burn, and the fat burn is much faster with a high metabolism. Burn X5 is best suited with exercise and a healthy diet for optimal results. This product is available with or without caffeine.


Xenical is different from the other products. All the other products are supplements while Xenical is a slimming product with clinically proven efficiency in preventing the formation of fat tissue. Additionally, there are proven results that the product facilitates weight loss. Xenical contains the active ingredient Orlistat, which main purpose is to prevent the body from absorbing or transforming energy into fat tissue. The pharmaceutical shows significant improvements within the first couple of months. It is even a slimming method safe to use over longer periods of time. The best results are prompted by simultaneous exercise and a healthy diet. Xenical is a drug for you if you do not want to make compromises between results and price. It has a very good effect and is an excellent choice if you are looking for weight loss with a more lasting result.

BMR Tartarus
Tartarus is a great all-round product for burning fat. It does not just provide an efficient fat burning process; it also gives a very high increase in performance. The increased performance leaves you less tired and makes you push harder when exercising. Furthermore, the metabolism is also boosted, which results in an increased natural fat burn. It might even lessen the appetite some when used. Tartarus is a great choice if you want to combine better fat burn and efficient performance enhancement with a fair effect on increasing the body’s own metabolism. The performance enhancing effect is highly suitable for the ones working out a lot. Tartatus contains caffeine.


Advantrim is a highly effective fat burning product. It has a very strong effect on fat burn and stimulates the natural metabolism very well. The metabolic effect is often seen as an increase in the body’s natural burning of energy as well as reducing the amount of energy transformed into fat. Additionally, it increases the body’s burning of fat tissue. Advantrim gives a small increase in performance. The product does not contain caffeine. This product is a perfect choice if you are looking for an efficient fat burning effect to get rid of fat quickly.

Synerlin is a relatively popular supplement to burn off excess fat. This product has a very high fat burning effect along with a certain effect to increase your performance or metabolism. Synerlin contains caffeine, green tea and Dendrobium. The product is relatively gentle and mostly to burn fat – there are better options to increase your energy or to increase your metabolism. To achieve the best results, combine Synerlin with a healthy diet and exercise.