Home treatment

Most women have problems with cellulite of different degrees. Most that see them as ugly or disruptive will or cannot pay large sums of money for repeated treatments in skin clinics or expensive plastic surgery. In most cases it is not really necessary though. Taking care of yourself through exercise together with treatments you yourself can do at home can be an excellent solution.

Take care of yourself
A lot of the care you can do is based on exercise and nutrition, and will not force your life to change that much.

Regular exercise that can be anything from a daily walk to intense workouts is a good start, what is important is that you stick to doing it on a regular basis. A walk a day or some sort of exercise at home can be just the right start to get your exercise routine started.

A balanced diet with lean meat, fat rich fish, lots of vegetables, fruits and fibre will aid the body in feeling well and staying healthy. One vegetable that should be eaten more often is spinach. In addition to this it is important to drink a lot of water.


Skin care is important
Another good tip for self treatment that can be done at home is to attend to your skin. When the skin is healthy and vital it has more springiness and glow, and cellulite is less visible on a skin that is well tended to.

Deep tissue lotion will keep the skin springy and elastic. This should be supplemented with skin care products that will give the skin nourishment and vitality. For some women a regular dry brushing of the skin until it heats up a little bit will make a difference. After dry brushing the skin is the perfect time to massage some anti cellulite cream or deep tissue lotion into the skin.

Treatments to do at home
Of the many available treatments, many of them can be applied at home. It should be pointed out that the best results will come from a combination of a healthy diet, exercise and good skin care with treatments. Even fat burning supplements can be a good help to reduce the unsightly look, especially when combined with exercise.

The treatments least expensive and easiest to use are creams and gel. They can be used for mild to moderate symptoms of cellulite. Some of the machines used at skin clinics are available in variants customised for home treatment. Skin care apparatus for home care can come with a steep price tag.