Getting rid of cellulite

There are many opinions on how to get rid of cellulite. There are many different methods that all act in different ways to rid of it. Some are based on treatments or lotions acting upon the different factors that causes cellulite. Others are build on therapeutic methods working on the skin and subcutaneous fat to remove cellulite.

Both men and women can develop cellulite. It is a lot less common in men, whilst 90% of all women will develop them in various ways. But before thinking along the line of removing or fix it, it is important to remember that is is debated whether cellulite is a “disease” or a naturally occurring phenomenon in the female body. Furthermore, it is important to be realistic in regards to what you should expect from the treatments.

Reason for cellulite and how to treat it
The fundamental reason to why cellulite occur is how the fatty tissue is structured. It shows when the fat tissue in the subcutaneous layer expands and creates bumps and dimples in the skin. So removing it practically means to shrink expanded fatty tissue in the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

One alternative for treating the skin is through making it thicker and more elastic, this way bumps and dimples will be less visible. Treatments should therefore aim for removing the visible effects of cellulite, not remove all subcutaneous fat tissue. Hence it will be slightly misleading to say that you can “heal” cellulite.

Treatments and self care
A successful action towards cellulite will require a combination of some kind of treatment, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Diet and lifestyle are both preventative and can reduce the visibility of the problematic cellulite. Treatments complements and can improve appearance of the skin.

A healthy, balance diet can help prevent and reduce problems with cellulite:

  • Lots of vegetables, fruits and fibres is recommended
  • Oily fish and lean meat i.e. poultry are good sources of protein
  • If possible, avoid a high consumption of food sources with a high content of fat or sugar
  • Regular exercise keeps the body fit and keeps the subcutaneous fat on reasonable levels
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise will keep the skin vibrant, elastic and healthy. The healthy skin means less visible cellulite, in addition to a reduced risk of developing cellulite. when keeping on a healthy level of subcutaneous fat

If you experience that the appearance caused by cellulite as a more relevant issue, it might be worth testing fat burning dietary supplements in combination with exercise before you move on to other treatments. This combination will give relatively fast results.

Different kinds of measures
If you want an active treatment, there is a vast variety to choose from. You can use means that through active ingredients helps change the subcutaneous fat to correct a cellulite problem. One way these substances can take effect is by strengthening the skin and keeping it thick, healthy and vibrant. This might reduce the appearance of the cellulite to give the skin a smoother, more even surface. Treatments with active ingredients exist as lotions, gels and pills. There are even variations where an active ingredient is injected. Common active ingredients in this treatment category are:

  • Methylxanthine
  • Pentoxifylline
  • Beta-agonists
  • Alpha-antagonists
  • Amino acids
  • Ginkgo

These contain active ingredients, which may improve the appearance of cellulite when the problem is mild to moderate. A treatment that is being tested with promising results is the injection of an enzyme occurring naturally in the body. This enzyme is called collagenases. Tests have shown an improvement in the appearance of cellulite with this kind of injections.

Therapeutic methods
These are based on processing the skin to treat the fatty tissue in the subcutaneous layer. The idea is that when the fatty tissue has been redeemed, the cellulite will not be visible – and the skin will be smooth and nice. There are many different variations and what separates them is how the skin is processed.

Common therapeutic treatments are massage, ultrasound treatment, heat therapy, radio frequency treatment (RF) and electric stimulation of the skin. Different kinds of laser treatments can even be used to treat the skin or reduce cellulite. Therapeutic treatments are performed in skin care clinics and are often expensive. Of the machines used at skin care clinics many of them can be bought as a simpler version for home treatment. High quality machines for home treatment can be expensive.

Besides lotions, gels, pills and therapeutic treatments there is surgery. The possibly most common surgery to treat cellulite is liposuction. Surgery for cellulite is expensive, but can aid in reducing cosmetic problems.