Diet tips

Your diet can play a significant part in anti-cellulite measures. Furthermore, a healthy diet is important when trying to reduce cellulite through exercise and treatment. A healthy, balanced diet makes a foundation for a strong, healthy and vibrant body. A healthy, vibrant body often results in a healthy, resilient skin. Cellulite appear less visible on skin that is healthy and vibrant. It is even possible to affect the subcutaneous fat through your diet. With a healthy level of subcutaneous fat, the probability of cellulite forming is reduced, as well as the problem is lesser when it appears.

What is the most suitable diet?
We are not talking about a complicated diet or in deed special measures. Probably the most important factor is to avoid an excessive intake of fat and sugar. Your diet should be rich on vegetables and fruits. A specific recommendation is to eat a lot of spinach. A good diet also consists of a lot of fibre. Regarding proteins – oily fish is generally seen as very healthy, and this applies particularly when it comes to prevent or minimise the problems of cellulite. When eating meat, it should be mainly lean meat such as poultry.